Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Scrapping Wonders Blog Hop using Columbus Road Prints

Hello everyone! Today I have a fun blog hop for you all to join in on! The scrapping wonders Design Team is using Columbus Road Prints from Etsy. In this blog hop we are also playing a game of truth or dare! So we each are going to post 2 truths about ourselves and 1 lie and you all have to guess which one is the lie! How fun is that? So here are mine, I lived in Virginia, my favorite color is pink and I lived in Pennsylvania. Make sure you comment below in the comments which one you think is the lie!

Ok lets get started! First I am using my beautiful Travelers notebook from Scrapping Wonders . I took a creameez from Shimmerz in thunder storm and did some water coloring on both pages. Then I took the paint brush and made some splatters! I love the way this looks!
Next I made some tip in's! I layered three photos so I could flip them up! This is one way you can add multiple photos in your travelers notebook!
 The I made my title under the journaling card from Columbus Road Prints which is super freaking cute! The title is coffee everyday that ends with Y! Then it has all of the days of the week! These stickers were perfect for my TN and the colors are my style!
 I love the way that it looks with my embellishments and the tip in's! I also think the water color turned out great!
 This is the finished layout! If you all are looking so great stickers with lots of variety head over to Columbus Road Prints ! Also dont forget to get your hands on the beautiful hand made Travelers Notebook inserts from Scrapping Wonders.
I had a ton of fun playing and creating this page!
Please play along with us and follow the hop! Dont forget to comment which one you think is my lie!!! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have an amazing day!!!

Here is the exclusive insert that you can only win!! So make sure you play along!!! 

Christy: Christysbeautifullife.wordpress.com


  1. You didnt live in Virginia!! BUT, this IS a gorgeous spread!!!

  2. The lie is you lived in Virginia? I don't know! LOL

  3. The lie is you lived in Pennsylvania.

  4. I love this spread!! it is so much fun. I love all the watercolor aspects but that you added tons of paper. Great job Heather!!

  5. I am so loving your coffee spread! I have scraped myself drinking coffee and each time I look back at it I laugh and so does my family.

  6. Love coffee! Love your layout! I also don't think you lived in Virginia...but I really don't know!

  7. The lie is that you lived in Virginia. The pink & PA are true, also this was a lovely spread.

  8. Living in Virginia is the lie!! I think lol
    Love your TN Spread I am getting really into making TNs myself lately!!

  9. LOVE Love love this spread!! The lie is living in Virginia!.


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