Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Christmas sign

Good morning everyone! It is a early morning for me! This is the time that I enjoy for myself, hubby is off to work and my little one is still asleep. So I am sitting in the quiet drinking my coffee! So nice!  But enough about that lets get to the project I made a few weeks ago. The Count down Christmas sign. I went to lowes and they already had some pre cut wood, and I got the dowels at lowes as well the hanger tags I pick up at Michaels they were all naked. I just used acrylic paint to paint everything and for the numbers and words I used my cricut machine and vinyl. I messed up a few times and all the words wouldn't fit but I fixed it and I think it looks pretty awesome! It took me a while because I had to let paint dry and I hate letting the paint dry for anything! I'm so impatient but I took my time and I love it! Hope this project inspires you to do something crafty today!

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